What is GoAutodial?

GOautodial is a web based, open source software. Using this software, you can develop a phone system for your call center or contact center. The software allows the enabling of open source predictive dialer and inbound IVR plus Automated Call Distribution System. Using GOautodial, you can create a server of your own in your office, although if you have your in-house server, you might need a technician to take care of it and keep it up to date so it always stays operational. Furthermore, it is not only limited to outbound call centers but is also operational for inbound call centers.

GOautodial Hosting Service

Call Center Technology Optimized by GOautodial software that blends the capabilities of predictive dialer, IP PBX, IVR, and inbound ACD system. VoIP Terminator provides Goautodial hosting & support service that improves your call center business capabilities in numerous ways.

Supervisor Management


Real-time Dashboard
Listen-in, barge-in
Force log-out
Reports and analytics

Call Recording & Voice Log Storage


Full call recordings or on-demand
Option to store call recordings on your own NAS/FTP.

Lead Management


Upload and download of customer lists
Leads filtering
Leads recycle
Internal DNC and blacklist
Leads timezone restrictions

Campaign Management


Multi-lead list per campaign
Campaign defined scripts
Custom caller ID – campaign specific
Custom call statuses and call dispositions
Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions
Filter leads (dynamically exclude numbers from lists)

Call Management


Dedicated direct calling user extensions
Personal voicemails & Team voicemails
Outbound calls – Manual, preview and predictive
Inbound calls – Automated call distribution (ACD)
Blended calls (inbound and outbound)
Scheduled callbacks (manual & auto)
3-way conference and call transfers
Interactive voice response (IVR) with campaign/queue
Broadcast and survey dialing

Additional Enhancements


WebRTC for voice calling right inside your web browser
Database backup and redundancy
High-availability (HA) configuration
Support multi-offices and BPO working
API and web services based integrations (into CRM)



US, UK and Australia telemarketing compliance
Drop timer with safe-harbor message for FTC compliance

Team Management


Multi-group, multi-campaign assignments
Skill-rating based agent priority routing
Support remote and mobile workers



Protection against SIP brute force attacks
Call encryption support via TLS
Protection against HTTP DOS or brute force attacks
Web application firewall



Pay as you need support
Packaged support plans – to suit all user types
Customizable support & Managed services solutions

The main features of GOautodial are:


Inbound IVR and ACD
Outbound predictive and automatic dialing
VoIP trunks and standard telco lines
Support of Digium and Sangoma Cards
USA, Canada and UK call compliance
Accessible to hundreds of units
Wizard based configurations
Integrated call recording


Uses and Utility


If you are a call center, GOautodial can take care of almost everything you need. Firstly, it is very easy to install GOautodial and get it running. Furthermore, it is even easier to manage and very practical since it blends the capabilities of IVR, IP PBX, predictive dialers, and inbound ACD systems. It doesn’t matter what type of organization you are, once you install it, you can utilize all its functionalities easily and make a connection to any phone extension anywhere on the face of the planet.

This open source, cloud-based telephony has the capability to enable operations like sales, technical support and services, and marketing, etc. right at your fingertips. Furthermore, it does not require any dedicated hardware or phone lines to make a connection.

With GO Auto Dial, you can opt for web-based calling and take your business capabilities to a whole new level.

VoIP terminator is your one stop solution to all your call center obligations with GOautodial be it consultancy, hosting or support.


Exceptional Benefits of GOautodial


Maximum ROI


You can maximize your ROI with GOautodial. It provides numerous interactive dashboards and lead management applications that help you allocate your statistics and achieve better financial results.

Effective Management and Reporting Features


Real-time maintenance of key campaign metrics and supervision of call center agent’s performance is easy with GOautodial’s sound statistical results.


Future Ready platform with better Adaptability


GOautodial is developed with amazing features that not only tackle current situations well but also with the intent to take on future challenges head on.

Lead Management through Call Data

GOautodial offers uncomplicated management of aspects like call appointments, scheduled callbacks and much more, ultimately resulting in better lead management.

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