Hosted VoIP Predictive Dialer

The Voice Solutions is providing multiple open source predictive dialers such as Vicidial and Goautodial with setup, hosting, management and support.

Our predictive dialers are packaged with all the features that one can ask for in a call center set up. Along with that, we have kept simplicity and quality optimum to ensure the smoothest connectivity between you and your customers.

Immediate Customer Support


We offer simple installation and setup support with our predictive dialer.moothest connectivity between you and your customers.

Limitless Opportunities


Predictive dialers minimize time lost, boost your organization’s productivity and increase your revenue

No Hardware Needed


Our predictive dialer is well equipped and you don’t have to worry about any hardware because there is none.

Live Monitoring


Call monitoring is crucial in maintaining service standards. With our sytem, you can easily monitor every ongoing activity.

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What are Predictive Dialers


Predictive dialers are outbound calling setups that are efficient enough to dial automatically from a wide list of phone numbers. Similar to other types of auto dialers, also referred to as robo dialers, predictive dialers are capable of calling numbers automatically which aids call center agents in cases of disconnected lines, no-answers, busy signals, and voicemail, etc. This helps optimize the talk time.

The main difference between predictive dialers and automatic dialers is the ability to utilize call metrics while making predictions about when a “human” call center agent is available to make his next call. Another differentiating feature of these dialers is that they possess the capacity of making multiple calls simultaneously. This technology was invented with the intent of calling the right number of leads at the right time to make sure that talk time and contact center agent utilization is at its best.

Another type of automatic telephone dialing system that works on pretty much the same principals is the preview dialer. What this dialer does is that it presents the contact center agent with the information of the caller or prospect and requires a manual response about it is either supposed to make the call or not. Although ridding the agent of manual dialing, a preview dialer is still different than a predictive dialer since the predictive dialer turns the call over the subsequent accessible agent.

Similarly, another automated telephone dialing system called the power dialer connects agents with prospects efficiently by permitting agents to focus on live connections instead of manual dialing. The difference between a power dialer and a predictive dialer is that it uses a manually configured call-to-agent algorithm. Every time an agent is available, the system instinctively dials the next contact based on the algorithm. With these settings, the contact center has complete control over aspects like automatic dialing rates and has better shots at dealing with issues like busy signals and disconnected lines, etc.

How Predictive dialing works


As the name is pretty self-explanatory, predictive dialers make predictions about when agents would be free to answer the next call, and further dials the number on the agent’s behalf. Predictive dialing operates using an algorithm that calculates the exact amount of time that an agent would take to finish a call. When operating properly, predictive dialers can supply agents with a steady supply of calls with minimal to no downtime, optimizing the talk time at its very best. Telemarketers, contact center agents and companies that run calling campaigns, benefit from this aspect the most for manual dialing can take up to 30 seconds. Further, only one of the three calls are usually answered. But with predictive dialers, both the number of dials it takes to make a connection and the average length of call is automatically computed and then optimized. These factors flawlessly connect agents from one call to the next.

Who uses predictive dialers?


Predictive dialing is widely used on a routine basis in markets like debt collection, telemarketing, market research and surveys, and customer service follow-up. Furthermore, some lead qualification agents make use of predictive dialers for the maximization of the amount of time spent on the phone with a lead during an outbound sales pitch.


Effectiveness of Predictive Dialers?



There have been numerous reports from telemarketers to companies with calling campaigns about the efficiency of predictive dialers, most of them showing positive results in favor of these dialers. Phone utilization being the primary concern, dramatic changes in the results have been observed. According to a study, since predictive dialers seamlessly connect agents from one call to another, agent productivity went up 200 to 300 percent only in a mere period of a year.

Our predictive dialers


GOautodial is an open-source, web-based dialer. Using this dialer, a phone system for your call center or contact center can easily be developed. GOautodial enables open source predictive dialer and inbound IVR plus Automated Call Distribution System. You can create a server of your own in your office for an in-house server, a technician might be needed to keep it updated and operational. Additionally, the GOautodial is not only limited to outbound call centers since it also offers operationality for inbound call centers.


The main features of GOautodial are:


• Inbound IVR and ACD
• Outbound predictive and automatic dialing
• VoIP trunks and standard Telco lines
• Support of Digium and Sangoma Cards
• USA, Canada, and the UK call compliance
• Accessible to hundreds of units
• Wizard-based configurations
• Integrated call recording



VICIdial, an all-inclusive call center suite is designed with the intent of enabling real-time monitoring. This is to gain complete control over user administration. At VoIP Terminator, we provide hosting and customization services as per your requirements. Our open-source business communication tools offer proficient lead management, minimal call drops and delivery of the best productive results possible. Ours is a software suite designed to perfection with factors like reliability, security, and flexibility kept in mind to ensure our clients connect better with their customers. VICIdial is a comprehensive call center solution that guarantees productivity, profitability and better service.

The Main Features of  VICIdial are:


• Integrated call recording
• Outbound agent-controlled dialing and broadcasting
• Scheduled callbacks
• Open-Source AGPLv2 Licensed
• Three-calling built within the agent application
• Free Canada, USA and UK regulatory compliance
• Blended and Inbound/Outbound Call handling
• Web-based administrative and agent interfaces

A cloud call center is defined as a web-accessible program designed to deal with customer interactions and calls. Cloud-based call centers are accessible from virtually anywhere. This key feature removes the need for physical infrastructure, decreasing expenses and enhancing scalability at the same time. At VoIP terminator, a complete cloud call center, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools, applications, and cloud-hosted services for all types of contact centers for large and small organizations wherever multiple channel communications (text messaging, telephone calls), agent management, analytics, and sophisticated call routing services are required.

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