Ringless VoiceMail Drops

Ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive technology that simply drops a voice message directly to your customer voicemail box. This service will give you the flexibility to listen to your voice mail when it is convenient for you without causing any disturbance in your daily life. All you will see is a notification stating that “you have a new voicemail” without even ringing your phone. The Voice Solutions offers you Ringless Voicemail services for fulfilling your sales endeavors. This is the most powerful way of reaching out to your existing customers as well as prospects without interrupting them.

Ringless Voicemail- No Ring, Only Notification

Ringless voicemail is a method that uses a prerecorded audio message, placed in a voice mail inbox without any associated prior telephone ringing. This method is also referred to as “voicemail drop”. In simple words, ringless voice mail works by allowing a company to deliver direct voice messages to a cellphone server without charging the customer and without making even a single ring. So instead of going through the whole traditional process of dialing ringing and then making an entrance to a system, the voice message finds itself loaded directly to the customer’s voicemail server.

The technique is generously advantageous and thus admired by debt collecting and telemarketing companies simply because the technique allows a maximum amplification of the message while staying extremely cost-effective. The reason why this feature is positioned as one the most cost-effective services is that technically, there are no calls being placed, thus no associated telephony charges need to be worried about. Furthermore, several studies show that a large proportion of customers hates being bombarded with phone calls.

According to recent research, around 96 percent of prospects check their voice messages, increasing the response rate to a soaring 80 percent. the aforementioned percentage is the highest open rate of any communication technology in the current era!


  • Ringless Voicemail Solutions

    Deliver voice messages to any mobile number. Up to 96% of consumers listen to their voicemail.

  • SMS Message Drops

    Deliver an SMS with Ringless voicemail. It allows the consumer to call-back any number.

  • Fully customized

    Set-up real-time and delayed drops. Allows you to create a campaign any time with easy steps

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