Managed VICIdial Hosting

VICIdial is a fully-featured call center suite designed to enable real-time monitoring and to keep complete control over user administration. The Voice Solutions provides services to host and customize it as per your requirement. It’s the best contemporary business communication tool that offers efficient lead management, minimizes call drops and delivers productive results. It is a software suite built with reliable, secure and flexible features enabling a better way to connect with the clients. We provide you with complete call center solutions ensuring better service, productivity, and profitability, helping your business grow at an exceptional pace.

VICIdial Gets You Efficiency

If a call center does not have efficient and productive agents in the team, it is soon to end up in hot water. Time is quite literally money in the call center business as it is based on sales and customer service. An agent wasting talk time can be painstakingly expensive. This is where VICIdial comes to the rescue: it empowers and equips call centers with the capability to make the most of call time while automatically enabling them to filter out the factors that deter productivity such as disconnected calls, offline numbers, busy lines and automatic answering machines. Moreover, the software improves productivity by cutting out time wastage when waiting for calls to ring on the other device.

Our Services with Hosted VICIdial

VICIdial Hosting


Experience the power of VICIdial without requiring any local infrastructure as our servers will host it for you.

VICIdial Support


Get a steadfast support while you go for VICIdial. Question, discuss and resolve with our sincere team.

VICIdial Consultancy


Connect instantly with the technician to keep your VICIdial operations free from interruptions or any unprecedented error.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VICIdial improve an agent’s productivity?

VICIdial’s algorithm successfully keeps call center agents focused on the task they should be focusing on: having conversations with their clients. It does so by removing the worry of manually dialing customers by constantly looking up lists of their phone numbers. This software predicts the conclusion of a call and immediately moves on to dialing the next one, thus ensuring optimal time duration for a call. It is also major support to call blending as it can actively assign calls to agents on both inbound and outbound call channels, depending on their availability. What this does is allow minimal idleness as there is a constant shift between inbound and outbound calls dependent on the call flux. Further, by keeping an eye on the agent screen you can easily track pivotal campaign info such as drop ratings, number of leads that can be dialed, the total number of agents currently logged in and dial level, etc.

Sit back and let VICIdial accelerate your sales for you!

In order to close more sales, agents need to connect to the right customers at the right time. The software does this for you by reducing the guessing games and connects precisely to clients that are more likely to make a purchase. The software is loaded with numerous features that allow agents to peruse the strongest leads and save as much as possible. The features include call-back parameters, call recording, call logging, and other automated features. With this open source software, having our advanced and customized features, you are sure to see a 200 percent rise in the performance improvement graph of your call center and or contact center.

Does VICIdial lead to smarter and stronger lead Management?

Yes, VICIdial is very helpful with organizing lead and sales data, contact information and customer history all in one all-inclusive package. What this does is enable the software to determine optimum time for a call’s duration, and underline and eliminate all “ do not dial” numbers, automatic answering machines and fax line machines to make sure that the agent is directly accessing the most appropriate and probable lead at all times. What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. With VICIdial in your arsenal, you can squeeze the best out of your call center or contact center representatives with real-time metrics and KPIs on the agent screen going hand in hand with stable sales and advertising practices that suit your market. An agent screen allows the capture and record of full-motion video as well as synchronized audio for the intention of creating an extensive view of customer interactions. This insight has proven to be very helpful in the improvement of the overall level of service that a call center or contact center provides to its customers.

How Economical is VICIdial?

This program can significantly increase your profit since it aids significantly in the reduction of dead time for agents and customer desertion rates, ultimately leading to reduced costs and increasing profit graphs. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for additional telecom solutions and expensive comms hardware since this software acts as your primary telecom solutions and secondly you can avail VICIdial in the cloud which guarantees no additional infrastructure or investments on IT and servers.

Does VICIdial Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

Well, this one is a no-brainer, VICIdial is a noteworthy booster of customer satisfaction. You can make inbound or outbound calls to customers when it is convenient for you and your targeted market, thus it increases the probability of services and products you offer to your customers to be accepted more readily. Customer satisfaction and loyalty go soaring up when you understand the optimal time to offer the services and products that they are really looking for. It also allows you to greet your customers with a built-in predictive dialing function. This allows your team to see who they are connecting with before the start of the call. Similar to the process, outbound and Inbound email is also an effective strategy when you are looking for customer gratification.


With predictive dialers like VICIdial, you are sure to generate more sales with significantly increased contactability. But that is not all, call volume increases significantly too (an observed 50 percent increase in costs is because of the dramatic climb in talk time of agents of the call center).
At VoIP terminator, we understand that a quick and efficient connection with clients is crucial for staying a step ahead of the competition. With our call center solutions, your brand can be more efficient in garnering engagements and gain the most reliable leads while offering the best services possible.

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