What is VOIP ?



VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common phrases telephone provider over the Internet.
If you have a practical high-quality Internet connection you can get phone carrier delivered thru your Internet connection rather of from your nearby phone company.

Some human beings use VOIP in addition to their standard cellphone service, on account that VOIP service companies commonly provide lower costs than standard cellphone companies, however from time to time doesn’t provide 911 service, smartphone directory listings, 411 service, or other common telephone services. While many VoIP companies offer these services, regular industry-wide potential of offering these are still developing.


How does VOIP work?

A way is required to turn analog cellphone alerts into digital alerts that can be sent over the Internet.
This function can either be included into the cellphone itself (See: VOIP Phones) or in a separate container like an ATA .